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dry forest near Macará, Loja, southwest, c. 400m

wet rainforest, El Durango, Esmeraldas, northwest, 300m

wet rainforest, Río Chuchuví, Esmeraldas, northwest, 750m

wet rainforest, Yuturi, Río Napo, Orellana, northeast, 250m

wet rainforest, Chichicorrumi, Napo, northeast, 450m

wet rainforest, El Capricho (Volcán Sumaco in background), Napo, northeast, 850m


montane cloud forest, Reserva Las Golondrinas, Imbabura, northwest, 2000m

montane cloud forest, Quebrada Chorillos, Zamora-Chinchipe, southeast, 1500m

montane cloud forest, Chinapintza, Zamora-Chinchipe, southeast, 1600m


elfin cloud forest, Cerro Palma, N of Loja, Loja, south, 3000m, Jason Hall with net

páramo, Volcán Antisana, Napo, northeast, 4000m

inter-Andean valley, Azogues, Azuay, south, 2500-3300m