A dynamic database of distribution and taxonomic information
for the non-skipper butterflies of Ecuador (Papilionoidea)



This database contains unpublished taxonomic changes and information from many sources and researchers, and is the basis for a number of studies on which we are currently working and intend to publish in future. We therefore request that all who wish to publish data, or results of analyses based on data, contact Keith Willmott (kwillmott@flmnh.ufl.edu) or Jason Hall (hallrios@yahoo.com). We currently plan to transition the database to a new platform in late 2018/early 2019, so please contact us if you need data urgently during this time and find the database not functioning.


The database contains family, subfamily, tribe, genus, species and subspecies names, with author names and dates, for each taxon. The taxonomy used is based on both published and unpublished research by ourselves and many others.


The distribution data include Andean slope, province, locality, location (with respect to other places or geographic features), elevation, and latitude and longitude. Elevation and geographic coordinates have been determined using a variety of sources, including published gazetteers, maps and hand-held GPS, and vary in accuracy.


The record data include collection month (where known), the source of the record and its reliability. The great majority of records are sight records or specimen records from our own research in Ecuador, but for many genera additional museum specimen and literature data are also present. At present, records are available for three families: Papilionidae, Pieridae and Nymphalidae. The data are still being checked for accuracy and a number of errors still exist.